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Big Hero 6 Mahjong
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Dieser Spielstand wurde am Fr 7. Jul 2017, 20:27 erreicht.


If you want to play some interesting robot games, well we invite you to try out our category with the Big Hero 6 adevntures because not only you will have the chance to play with robots, and we mean Baymax of course,the most adorable and friendly robot ever, but you will play with superheroes too, they are all great and always ready to have some fun because the truth is that they are kids, teenagers. But in this particular game you are not going to fight the evil or things like that, as you can see this is a game of mahjong and we realy hope you are going to try it out because it is a lot of fun, this mahjong game. It is logical and you have to focus to know which one your next move is. And the cards are great too because, of course, they are with the Big Hero 6 charcaters on them. You most deffinetely know the mahjong rules, you just have to pair up the mahjong cards that are identical, but you cant move the ones which are blocked by the cards next to them. Good luck!


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